We have lenders that accommodate a wide range of credit scores, and several of them lend exclusively towards consumers with poor credit.  These providers will analyze more than just your credit score and have more flexible requirements than traditional lenders.  However it is important to understand that your credit score, credit score history, and your ability to repay will still be taken along with other factors such as verifiable income when determining whether or not to extend financing to you.  While we can help most credit types, we cannot guarantee results for everyone.


Personal loans for bad credit are far superior to payday loans or cash advances. Our loans are structured for longer repayment terms and to provide higher loan amounts for qualified applicants. Typically at a payday loan center you can expect only one or two weeks of advancement on your money. With a personal loan you have the potential to qualify for a substantially larger amount so you can actually take care of whatever you need to without just pushing it off with one minuscule payday advance after another.

Banks offer personal loans too, but almost never to people with less than perfect credit. If you do try to obtain a personal loan from a bank, even with stellar credit, you will be greeted with hours of paperwork and verification terms you are obligated to meet first and you will most likely not receive the money for at least a few days. Banks are not structured to meet the needs of the average borrower like we are here at Pacifica Lending and that’s where we excel.  Because we work with so many lenders the chances of your receiving a loan approval may be greater than at a traditional bank.