NO. We have streamlined the personal lending process through utilizing our online application and communication methods. You do not ever need to visit us in-store. All transactions and paperwork can be handled remotely and from the comfort of your own home.

NOPE. A personal loan from Pacifica Lending is a non-secured loan where no collateral is required to obtain financing. We will take a quick peek into your credit history and income in order to qualify you for the loan but you are not required to list any assets as collateral in case of a loan default loan situation.

YES. Pacifica Lending specializes in California based personal loans and we only service valid residents of California.

Pacifica Lending will set up an auto pay program with the bank account you provided us with and will auto-debit the agreed amount each month on your assigned loan date to keep you on track with your loan.

YES. In order to obtain a personal loan from Pacifica Lending we require that you have steady and verifiable income in order to show an ability to repay the loan.

Absolutely. We report all on time payments as well as delinquent payments to the applicable credit reporting authorities.

We wire your loan directly to your bank account in as little as 3-4 hours. Typical loan arrival time is 24 hours depending on what time of the day you initiated your application process and paperwork.

YES. We provide loans for all types of credit ranges. Good credit, bad credit, no credit. We encourage all to apply.